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Arbeiterfaschingsfront (2019)

this is a little byproduct of the recording of "Macht kapput was euch kaputt macht"
for the Demonum - EP, featuring Florian Schenkel, Thomas Glatz and Gerhard Lassen.


pcn - track "jl et wr kö kö#_#n, zi ad uo xv
(krell - music)" at Aural Films: Krell Music - Various Artists (2018)
  jl et wr kö kö#_#n, zi ad uo xv (Krell Music) by pcn

 considerations about the task:hide
how may the music of the krells have sounded like? one can probably assume, as the strange life form they were, very differently than humans music. this brought me to the following idea: what if the Krell-music not places sound-events in the quiet like forms in empty space are set, but were notched and carved into a block of noise? this is the keynote after which I have tried to form this piece. it is virtually (for us) one negative music. musical movements or contentsare engraved in this block of white noise, which represents silence for them.
on the other hand: to judge by the extremely high intelligence of the krells, they likely had very high demands for the complexity of the music put, so i think, what they produced would sound like white noise for us. because they have troubled so much, to suppress their primeval instinct, that they sunk their musical expressions like their emotions deeply in this sound block andsubjected to structural sound organization, as well as our earth-colleagues of the modernc lassical period, to very abstract methods, ideas and patterns - naturally at the extremely high krell-level. all this may appear to contradict to itself a little, but our human mind is not capable to see through this...
if one looks at the planet on which they lived, they should not be of a condition too differently from us humans - at least they obviously had such a thing like ears; whether they had more than one, and whether and how far to her hearing excelled ours, I have let unconsidered frequencies above 20khz.


Splitterwochen - Short Film by Klaus Erich
Dietl & Stephanie Müller
Soundtrack: Christian Nothaft (2017)
 Splitterwochen by Klaus Erich Dietl @ Vimeo


A Trip to the Moon by Georges Meliers
pcn - soundtrack (2017)
 A Trip to the Moon - p.c.n. ambiloco - soundtrack:


Treatment of the Kazim - Akboda - track
"Is Mir Egal" (2017)
 is mir egal - pcn-version @ YouTube


Treatment of the No Means No - Stücks
"Forget Your Life" (2017)
 No Means No - Forget Your Life - pcn-
 postproduction-remix @ YouTube:


Cooperation with author Denijen Paulevic
4 texts by refugees in Munich spoken by Paulevic (two of them by himself), music by Christian Nothaft, made for the webpage arriving-in-munich.de (2016/´18)

  als ich nach München kam
  die Pfeilzelle
  Schönes Wetter Brezeln

KubeNothaft - Album
the legendary one and only Album of the short-lived bandproject of Christian Nothaft with Christoph Kube,
named KUBENOTHAFT, released 2001, is now downloadable at bandcamp

more about the band here--> www.bodensatz.de/kubenothaft
the Plenum-Song (pcn-remix) (2015)
from the CD-insert of Schrottland #5 "Kollektivhörspiele mit (collecive radio plays with) Thomas Glatz, Florian Schenkel, Josef Hadzelek, Holger Meuss(-chen) & Benno "Zeh""

more --> Schrottland #5 - Magazin @ dept. of volxvergnuegen
GUMMO final
gummo_cd-cover_every_summer_theyre_droppin_like_flies EVERY_SUMMER THEY´RE DROPPIN´ LIKE FLIES (Bellaphon/Bacillus)
the final Studio-Album (Feb. 2014)
available at your favorite record-shop or online at minor-mailorder + munich-punk-shop and as download at itunes + amazon
the-pig-that-would-not-fly-the-live-re-presentation-of-every-summer-theyre-droppin-like-flies THE PIG THAT WOULD NOT FLY
the live-(re)presentation of the "Every Summer They' re
Droppin' Like Flies"- album
(Feb. 2014)
the live-recording of the release-gig - featuring:
Thomas Glatz - pcn - Steve Robotnic - Institut für Leistungsabfall und Kontemplation - NotiL - Till Funke - SonyTagarTony  - Residuum - St. Müller - the Pig Band
free download @ bandcamp.com

  I Got Mine (Motörhead) - Rahmstein live 21.12.13 at Bodensatzfestival,
 Munich (feat. Steffen Müller, rgit + voc, T.V. Shit - fx, Christian Nothaft - feedgit)


  bones of desire
  no.178  (2013); 5:03


  human (owdtodon)
  no.167  (2012); 3:08

"Beschränkung" - short film 1995  

by and with:

Denis Paulevic
(script, direction, protagonist)
Matthias Weinzierl
(direction, produktion)
Gazan Alpaslan
Martin Novek
(hardware, produktion)
Christian Nothaft

 new version of 2011er with revised soundtrack
  >>download soundtrack<<


Arowana - Sessions


1. NToR/tm (6:28)
2. DF 2.1 (6:06)
3. df4/b (7:28)
4. almost.all (6:51)
5. df1 (total system shutdown) (12:17)
6. df5/b (4:05)
7. DF3/a (4:14)
8. n/n (tekn[on_off]} (7:15)

all videos on YouTube:

Review Skug:
"Once and a while music comes along that sounds like it´s dropped
from a bottle or a time hole, without being retro or being part of a
(just happening or yet to come) revival...
more (in german)...>>  

Bodensatz 2010 Super Limited CD-R Edition sold out.
to get 2. edition copy, write email



pseudo-classizistic string quartet

no.114, 1996 - rev.: 2007

1. movement   2:27
2. movement   7:33
3. movement   3:18

Mp3´s of virtual



  bass phase
  no.154 (2009); 4:50


  walk like me
  no.136  (2003); 4:10

Christian Nothaft in Bodensatz-Bands:

Hisn - Drums, 1992-94
Eat Me Tender - Git + Voc, 1995-97
Autozynik - Drums 1995-96, Bass 1997
Dam Gok / Von Hinten II - Git, 1997-98
Kube Nothaft - Git, Voc, Drums, 1998-2001
Abu Bimbel - Drums, 1999-2004

  this could have been the shortest song of the world if it wouldn´t have been
  8 years too late:

   Fuck! - live 3.12.1994 w/Punch-and-Judy-Conspiracy - Inline, München