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Splitterwochen - Short Film by Klaus Erich
Dietl & Stephanie Müller
Soundtrack: Christian Nothaft
 Splitterwochen by Klaus Erich Dietl @ Vimeo


A Trip to the Moon by Georges Meliers
pcn - soundtrack
 A Trip to the Moon - p.c.n. ambiloco - soundtrack:


Treatment of the Kazim - Akboda - track
"Is Mir Egal"
 is mir egal - pcn-version @ YouTube


Treatment of the No Means No - Stücks
"Forget Your Life"
 No Means No - Forget Your Life - pcn-
 postproduction-remix @ YouTube:


Cooperation with author Denijen Paulevic
4 texts by refugees in Munich spoken by Paulevic (two of them by himself), music by Christian Nothaft, made for the webpage arriving-in-munich.de

  als ich nach München kam
  die Pfeilzelle
  Schönes Wetter Brezeln

KubeNothaft - Album
the legendary one and only Album of the short-lived bandproject of Christian Nothaft with Christoph Kube,
named KUBENOTHAFT, released 2001, is now downloadable at bandcamp

more about the band here--> www.bodensatz.de/kubenothaft
the Plenum-Song (pcn-remix)
from the CD-insert of Schrottland #5 "Kollektivhörspiele mit (collecive radio plays with) Thomas Glatz, Florian Schenkel, Josef Hadzelek, Holger Meuss(-chen) & Benno "Zeh""
more --> Schrottland #5 - Magazin @ dept. of volxvergnuegen
GUMMO final
gummo_cd-cover_every_summer_theyre_droppin_like_flies EVERY_SUMMER THEY´RE DROPPIN´ LIKE FLIES (Bellaphon/Bacillus)
the final Studio-Album (Feb. 2014)
available at your favorite record-shop or online at minor-mailorder + munich-punk-shop and as download at itunes + amazon
the-pig-that-would-not-fly-the-live-re-presentation-of-every-summer-theyre-droppin-like-flies THE PIG THAT WOULD NOT FLY
the live-(re)presentation of the "Every Summer They' re
Droppin' Like Flies"- album
(Feb. 2014)
the live-recording of the release-gig - featuring:
Thomas Glatz - pcn - Steve Robotnic - Institut für Leistungsabfall und Kontemplation - NotiL - Till Funke - SonyTagarTony  - Residuum - St. Müller - the Pig Band
free download @ bandcamp.com

  I Got Mine (Motörhead) - Rahmstein live 21.12.13 at Bodensatzfestival,
 Munich (feat. Steffen Müller, rgit + voc, T.V. Shit - fx, Christian Nothaft - feedgit)


  bones of desire
  no.178  (2013); 5:03


  human (owdtodon)
  no.167  (2012); 3:08

"Beschränkung" - short film 1995  

by and with:

Denis Paulevic
(script, direction, protagonist)
Matthias Weinzierl
(direction, produktion)
Gazan Alpaslan
Martin Novek
(hardware, produktion)
Christian Nothaft

 new version of 2011er with revised soundtrack
  >>download soundtrack<<


Arowana - Sessions


1. NToR/tm (6:28)
2. DF 2.1 (6:06)
3. df4/b (7:28)
4. almost.all (6:51)
5. df1 (total system shutdown) (12:17)
6. df5/b (4:05)
7. DF3/a (4:14)
8. n/n (tekn[on_off]} (7:15)

all videos on YouTube:

Review Skug:
"Once and a while music comes along that sounds like it´s dropped
from a bottle or a time hole, without being retro or being part of a
(just happening or yet to come) revival...
more (in german)...>>  

Bodensatz 2010 Super Limited CD-R Edition sold out.
to get 2. edition copy, write email



pseudo-classizistic string quartet

no.114, 1996 - rev.: 2007

1. movement   2:27
2. movement   7:33
3. movement   3:18

Mp3´s of virtual



  bass phase
  no.154 (2009); 4:50


  walk like me
  no.136  (2003); 4:10

Christian Nothaft in Bodensatz-Bands:

Hisn - Drums, 1992-94
Eat Me Tender - Git + Voc, 1995-97
Autozynik - Drums 1995-96, Bass 1997
Dam Gok / Von Hinten II - Git, 1997-98
Kube Nothaft - Git, Voc, Drums, 1998-2001
Abu Bimbel - Drums, 1999-2004

  this could have been the shortest song of the world if it wouldn´t have been
  8 years too late:

   Fuck! - live 3.12.1994 w/Punch-and-Judy-Conspiracy - Inline, München