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     coming soon: p.c.n Ambiloco-Album and Demonum-EP - Release 21.6.19

    it took a little longer than expected (of course), but the goal is nigh:
p.c.n Ambiloco - Double-Album "Spontaneous Simplitude" and the
Demonum - EP "There´s Nothing We Can´t Face - Except For Bunnies"
    will be released on June 21!

    both Records will be available in material on Vinyl and digital on Bandcamp

    Presentation will be at that day by Pico Be´s at his regular event
    "Die Anhörung" Sunny Red (Feierwerk) Hansastr. 39-41, Munich - 22:00
    free entry

          p.c.n Ambiloco Double-Album "Sponaneous Simplitude"


    the first "Studio"-Album of the p.c.n Ambiloco - project, a collection of non-
    live Tracks, going back to 2002.
    80 Minutes, 13 Tracks, more or less improvised ambient-noise-electronic-
    minimal-no-wave-rock, slow, low and dynamic...
    Double-Vinyl-LP and Download at Bandcamp.

          Demonum-EP "There´s nothing we can´t face - except for bunnies"


    the first little colorful prelude to a new Project dealing with Metal in the
    broadest sense.
    5 Tracks, 20 Minutes weird Black/Death/Techno/Lofi/Metalcore
    10-inch-Vinyl-EP and Download at Bandcamp.


    this is a little byproduct of the recording of "Macht kapput was euch kaputt macht"
    for the Demonum - EP, featuring Florian Schenkel, Thomas Glatz and Gerhard

     new p.c.n - Album out now at
          "Back To The Futurama - Raymond Scott Reworked By p.c.n"


    the Internet-label invited to contribute to an album with a tribute-
    track for Raymond Scott using original audio-material by Scott himself. i
    participated with one track and instantaneously caught fire and wanted to do more
    and release them as well. luckily Reckless Night LLC., who own the rights of
    scotts heritage, were ok with that, and so i produced a whole album, wich is now
    available as free download on bandcamp.
    Raymond Scott was a pioneer in electronic music active in this fild since the 50ies
    but don´t published very little. but slowly his body of work gains attention.
    me anyway ended up with 12 tracks now and had not only fun doin it, i guess i was
    able to relate scotts music to nowadays styles as well. in ay case so it´s quite colorful
    and for the feet as well as for the head...
    here the link to the Album:


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